INQ Facebook Phone Unveiled

INQ Mobile yesterday unveiled two Facebook oriented smartphones that run on Goolge’s Android 2.2 or Froyo. The two smartphones viz. Cloud Touch and Cloud Q have been developed by INQ Mobile and facebook together. While Cloud Touch has a touchscreen keyboard, Cloud Q possesses the conventional QWERTY keyboard. Both the phones have facebook at their core. The Cloud Touch comes with a 3.5 inch HVGA touchscreen and a 5.0 megapixel camera with autofocus. On the other hand, Cloud Q possesses a 2.6 inch touchscreen.

As both the phones are facebook oriented, the homepage contains a facebook widget that provides live news feed from time to time. Also, both these phones run a spotify overlay along with facebook overlay. The features of facebook can be accessed directly with the help of a scrollbar which is also included on the top of the home page.

Both the smartphones would hit the markets sometime this summer.

Verizon iPhone 4 Jailbreak for Mac Released

The greenpoisOn tool for Verizon iPhone 4 is now out and is working absolutely fine with no hassles whatsoever. Despite only a few people managing to get their hands on the new Verizon iPhone 4, Apple dev teams have come out with the jailbreaking tool. The release of the new jailbreaking tool was posted on Twitter by the user Lunch8ox. Although, there was an initial jailbreaking tool from greenpoisOn last week, there were a few bugs that were yet to be fixed as it posed some problems. But, the new jailbreaking tool is working wonderfully well.

The new jailbreaking tool is called the Release candidate 5.4 and for now, this is only available for Mac users. Although, jailbreaking is not considered a crime any more, it is important to follow the instructions promptly in order to avoid any unwanted consequences.

It is better if Verizon users might want to wait a little longer before jailbreaking, just in case.

Apple and RIM Overtake Sony Ericsson and Motorola

According to the latest reports, Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry have overtaken Sony Ericsson and Motorola to claim the fourth and fifth spots on the top mobile phone manufacturers list of 2010. The top three places were shared by Nokia, Samsung and LG respectively. Although Nokia and LG have held on to the first and third places, their market share in 2010 when compared to the previous has come down drastically, no thanks to the iPhones anf Google’s Android based smartphones. Right now Nokia and LG are under a lot of pressure and it is also being rumored that Nokia might shelve its phone OS Symbian and join hands with Microsoft for developing smartphones. Ironically, Symbian also observed a steep decline in the last quarter of 2010.

The strong sales of Apple’s and RIM’s smartphones in the last quarter of 2010 has enabled them surpass Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

Sophos Antivirus Now On iOS and Android Phones

Sophos which offers enterprise security solutions has now launched the Sophos Mobile Control for mobile phones that run on Goolge’s Android OS and the iPhones. It has to be noted that Sophos does not offer any solutions for home based computers and only concentrates on enterprise solutions. This new mobile security is also for businesses that are run on hand held smart devices like the iPads, iPhones, Android based phones and the Windows phones. This Mobile Control Security adds extra security to the data on these phones.

This mobile security options on phones is also centralised allowing the users to wipe off any confidential data from the phones or lock them in case the handset gets lost. This new security control also restricts the use of other unwanted devices like the camera,youtube et. allowing the users to carry on with their work unhindered.

iPhone 5 Announcement on June 5th?

According to reports, the Moscone Center is booked for a corporate meeting between the 5th of June to the 9th. There are now speculations that Apple would be announcing the iPhone 5 along with iOS 5 during that meeting. If the dates are observed clearly, one can see that the meeting at Moscone Center is a five day event. Coincidentally, the World Wide Developer Conference held every year by Apple is also a five day event which in a way strengthen the rumors about the iPhone 5 and iOS 5.

It was at the World Wide Developer Conference last year that Apple unveiled iPhone 4 and altered the name of iPhone OS to iOS. We also reported yesterday that Apple is planning to build a universal iPhone that would allow the usage of any network carrier on the phone. Seems like iPhone 5 would be that universal phone.

If this launch were to true, it would be a great occasion for Steve Jobs to come back again.

Apple Online Store Relaunched

The Verizon iPhone 4 sales which were closed on the Apple online store has now been relaunched yesterday midnight again. The new iPhone 4 sale is now back online with Apple taking down its “be back soon notice”. This latest iPhone is now available through both Verizon and AT&T.

US customers of the new Apple iPhone 4 can now avail the phone through both AT&T and Verizon on the online store with Apple redirecting the customers to the respective sites for packages. While AT&T website says that the phone would be shipped in 24 hours, Verizon has stated that the shipment for new customers would only start on or after 18th of February. Also, verizon is not offering any store pick up option after an online sale and as of now it is only the black iPhone 4 that is being sold. No sign of the coveted white iPhone 4 yet.

Kyocera Echo Android Phone on Sprint

Sprint Nextel would be launching the Japanese product Kyocera Echo which is going to be the first dual screen smartphone. This dual screen phone would run on Google’s open OS Android 2.3 codenamed Gingerbread. The dual screens on the phone slide over each other and can be snapped to give it a tablet’s look. The size of the screens also look impressive with each screen almost as big as the screen of the iPhone itself. The dual screens can enable efficient multitasking.

Each screen panel on the Echo measures 3.5 inches when closed with a WVGA resolution. When opened, the screen measures 4.7 inches with a combined resolution of 800×960, thus making the viewing experience high definition. The Kyocera Echo is due this spring and Sprint is going to offer the handset at a price of 200 dollars provided one signs a two year service agreement with the telecommunications company.

Verizon iPhone 4 Successfully Jailbroken

The jailbreak for Verizon iPhone 4 is available. Its only been a couple of days that Verizon customers are receiving their pre-ordered iphone 4, that a jailbreak for the same has been released by the Chronic Dev team. This new release is an update to Dev team’s own GreenPoison. This update is available to all the users who are using the iOS version 4.2.6 on their phones which are of course the new Verizon iPhone 4 instruments.

As a matter of fact, iOS 4.3 release which is expected any time this month, is supposedly going to put an end to jailbreaking on iPhones. So any one who wishes to jailbreak their iPhone, now is the time. The previous version which was released on Cydia had encountered some problems but the new release seems to be working fine according to the Dev team.

Android 2.4 To be Released in April?

There were rumors going around the Android 2.4 version would be including features of Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb. Now, there are fresh rumors doing rounds that the Android 2.4 which was rumored to be codenamed Ice cream Sandwich would be released in the month of April. There is no news if Android 2.4 would be codenamed Ice cream Sandwich as rumored, but it has come to light that 2.4 is going to retain the Gingerbread flavour. Apparently the American company Viewsonic would be the first phone to come with Android 2.4. Viewsonic’s Viewpad 4 will be the first device to be launched with the 2.4 version of the Google phone OS.

If this was to happen, Viewpad 4 will be the first single core smartphone that will be able to run Honeycomb apps on it. So, what we reported about Android 2.4 experiencing Honeycomb would be coming true.

Sony PS3 Hackers Being Hunted?

Sony is cracking its whip on the hackers and jailbreakers of PS3. While a few days ago, hacker George Hotz and the hacker group failoverflow were hunted by Sony for hacking into the security of Sony PS3. Sony have even have a restraining order against Hotz, but it looks like they don’t want to stop here. Sony has earlier reported that these two who were caught were several of the other thousand hackers and jailbreakers who stil need to be caught.

According to a few reports, Sony has included the names of many other well known and not so renowned hackers in a subpoena. Sony has also asked sites like youtube to give out the details and names of all the people who post videos related to PS3 hacks on their website.

We will now have to wait and see how influential will this move from Sony be as their previous attempt to restrain hackers from posting went almost unnoticed.