Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Vulnerable to Identity Theft?

The most anticipated update, Google’s Android Gingerbread 2.3 which is currently available only for the Nexus S users may not be that hail and hearty after all. According to a warning posted by a researcher from the North Carolina University, this update is vulnerable and can lead to identity thefts. The researcher warns that the security vulnerability of this update can easily allow hackers to access photos, voicemail, videos, bank details and even the contents on an inserted memory card. Not only can they access, but they can also upload this data on to their servers.

Millions of Nexus S and Nexus One users across the world are still plagued with the Android SMS bug even though a fix to this bug was made available. Google has started working on a fix, but in the meanwhile, users are sure to have some security problems with this unavoidable bug.

The Motorola Atrix 4G Price is 150$?

Earlier, Amazon listed the Motorola Atrix 4G on their portal quoting the price as 150 dollars. Although a few days later, the price of the product was pulled out by Amazon. Now, Costco, the largest warehouse club chain in America has also listed the price of this Motorola Smartphone as 150$ yesterday. But, it is yet not clear, based on what information has Costco quoted the price. Has Costco received any confirmation from AT&T and Motorola about the price or is it banking on the Amazon’s price? Well! Your guess is as good as ours.

Well, if the price is 150$ as seen, then this is going to be a wonderful news to all Android enthusiasts. But, why would AT&T want to sell it for such a low price? May be, this is a catch up game being played by AT&T to catch up on the Android front, smartphones at affordable, if not cheap prices.

AT&T Android Phones List To Be Doubled in 2011?

According to an internal document from this year’s International CES (Consumers Electronic Show), AT&T will be launching 12 more Androids along with 20 new 4G devices. If the details of this internal document prove to be right, the first quarter of 2011 is going to witness the launch of 2 new 4G smart phones, which by the end of the year will be pushed to 20. As far as the Android phones are concerned, in 2011, AT&T is looking forward to add 12 more of these to the already existing list of 7.

Also, rumored are the availability of Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC Inspire 4G in the markets from February 14, for which purpose, the employee training is to begin from February 2. The internal documents also indicate that Verizon is also fully prepared to offer simultaneous voice and data, but it has to be seen, to what extent will they be successful.

AT&T customers are sure in for an Android treat this year.

Is iPad 2 A Slimmer Heir?

It was only an year ago that Steve Jobs introduced to the world, the iPad. Though he admitted that no market survey was done before the launch of the product, iPad was a worldwide phenomenon in no time. Sometime after its first anniversary, we can also expect the iPad 2, although the official announcement from Apple about the second generation iPad is yet to come (expected in a couple of weeks from now?).

If rumors are to be believed, the second generation Apple tablet would possess the same 25cm screen, but the edges are going to get slimmer on the lines of iPhone 4. Also introduced will be a new processor, which will enable 1080p videos. But, according to a few sources, the super resolution retina displays found in iPhone 4 will be missing in iPad 2. iPad 2 is going to come with two cameras, front and back and NFC (Near field Communication) chips that would enable users to swipe their iPad 2 instead of a debit or credit card for processing payments.

Fingers crossed people, for this slimmer heir!

PS3 3.56 Firmware Update – Hackers Crack This One Too!

Sony Corp. has released the new firware 3.56 update for its PS3 consoles. This update is a move by Sony to stop any jailbreaking activity and stop the hacks and cheats on Call of Duty: Black Ops. This update, after its introduction has banned any console that has been found to use pirated versions of the COD:Black Ops version. This new firmware update was Sony’s answer to hackers and also a move to save its Bluray discs.

But unfortunately, hackers have cracked this new firmware update within hours after its release and the new crack is already available online. The hackers have said that the necessary codes are available for all the interested users over the net.

The bright side for Sony Corp. though, is the court restraining order that was released earlier today that stopped hackers from posting online codes. But, it seems to have no effect on the web-hackers whatsoever!

White iPhone 4 – Paint Issue Resolved ?

With the white iPhone 4 now featuring on the inventory lists of most sellers, looks like Apple’s resolved the so called manufacturing defect with the phone. But, rumors were circling around that the said manufacturing defect was in reality an issue with the white paint of the handset . There was a problem with the opacity and thickness of the paint that actually distorted the color.

The Japanese blog Macotakara has claimed that a new process that deals with the thickness of the paint has been developed and the availability of these phones in the market is not far away. Apparently, this issue was resolved by a small Japanese company. The paint developed by this company allows a uniform application of it when compared to the previous distorted ones.

So, if the white iPhone 4 was to hit the markets sometime this year, are you prepared to part ways with your existing black one?

Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone – Prototype Finally Unveiled

A prototype of the Sony Ericsson Playstation Phone has been finally previewed. After months of speculation, videos of the phone’s prototype have been unveiled. Called the Xperia Play , this phone has mixed Sony’s beloved PSP (Play Station Portable) into the smart phone. According to the released videos, the gamepad of this phone is being modeled on the lines of a PSP, the only difference being the joysticks. The Xperia Play will feature a touchpad along with the other usual PSP buttons.

The other highlights of this phone are going to be a 5.0 mega pixel camera, 24 hours battery life even when 3G and camera functions are used actively, a four inch LCD touch screen, stereo speakers and a keyboard as well. The technical specifications include a 512MB RAM, single core processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.

More details about the phone are expected in mid-February.

iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak In The Making?

With Jailbreakme being prevented by Apple through a software update, the Dev Team is working hard to bring out an untethered jailbreak not only for iOS 4.2.1, but also for all the future iDevices like iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. An untethered jailbreak would help users to hack into iDevices without the need of a PC.

While the iPhone Dev team is working on a RedsnOw untethered jailbreak, the Chronic Dev team is working on a GreenpoisOn jailbreak. A teaser that showed the successful working of the GreenpoisOn hack on an iPad and iPhone 4 was also recently posted. The best part about these untethered hacks is the easy to use interface that is going to be offered to the users.

With the legalization of these jailbreaks, Apple is finding it tough to keep a lid on these hacks.

iOS 4.3 Firmware to Pose A Challenge to Hackers?

Apparently, Apple is strengthening its upcoming iOS 4.3 firmware with the addition of ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization). ASLR is a computer security and a hacker’s nightmare. With the introduction of this security measure, jailbreakers would find it difficult to locate the target addresses as the virtual memory area is increased. While this new move from Apple would pose a stiff challenge to jailbreakers , it has been welcomed by many of them as there have been several tweets about the same saying, “this would be some fun.”

With the untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak yet to be released, the news about a much secured 4.3 could be daunting to all the jailbreakers across the world. The beta version of iOS 4.3 was launched two weeks ago and the firmware version is going to be made available to the public very soon.