RIM Showcases The Business Capabilities of Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Yesterday, RIM has launched a demo video of a few business applications that are going to feature on the Blackberry Playbook Tablet. The tablet is going to come out in March. Well, there was not a lot new in yesterday’s demo. The demo once again reiterates the need of pairing the tablet with a Blackberry smartphone for keeping the enterprise email on Playbook. Switching between Apps can be done with easy swipes of the finger. One new feature was the SAP business tool that allows the use of complex graphs and charts.

The other technical specifications of the tablet are 1 GB RAM, dual core processor with a speed of 1GHz, a 7″ wide touchscreen with the resolution 1024×600, 3.0 and 5.0 megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi and HDMI output.

The features seem to be quite excellent. But, only time will tell if Blackberry can outsmart Android devices as far as business applications are concerned.

Are Blackberry Smartphones Outselling iPhones and Androids?

Well, if you observe the sales data of Blackberry smartphones in the year 2010, you would have to agree that Blackberry has really done well. Does this mean that Apple and Google are only among the competitors and not the leaders? One reason for the wonderful business that Blackberry has done and for the boost in RIM‘s figures especially during the Christmas season was the lack of newer products from Google’s front. There were only a few phones like the Galaxy S or the Desire HD that run on Android during Christmas. New Android products like Atrix and other ones from Samsung are still awaited.

But, if you look at the market scenario as such, Apple is still a leader when it comes to mobile phoning. Although, according to analysts, Android is ready to take over that mantle sooner or later. Blackberry is only one manufacturer, Android is the OS that is now being adopted by several manufacturers across the world.

Android Tablets Catching Up With iPad

Are the Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Dell Streaks catching up with Apple’s iPad? Yes, say the results of a recent study by Strategy Analytics, a global market researcher. As per the study, Apple shipped a total number of 7.3 million units in the last quarter of 2010 when compared to 4.2 million in the 3rd quarter. On the other hand, 2.1 million Android Tablets were shipped in the last quarter of 2010. Apple loyalists would argue that this number is in no way close to Apple’s figures. But, wait before you jump to conclusions. In the 3rd quarter of 2010, only 100,000 Android units were shipped. Now, you can compare the two quarters and see the rapid increase in shipments.

The reasons for the increased fondness for Android tablets like Samsung Galaxy are their advanced features, impressive specifications and above all, a completely affordable price when compared to the iPad.

Apple better release their iPad 2 as quickly as possible to maintain their firm hold on the market.

Only Steve Jobs’ Death Will Take Apple Forward:Netgear CEO

Yes, what you read is absolutely true. Netgear CEO, Patrick Lo has quoted-

Once Steve Jobs goes away, which is probably not far away, then Apple will have to make a strategic decision on whether to open up the platform.

Patrick Lo has definitely made a controversial statement and hit two birds at one shot. His statement not only speaks about the future of Steve Jobs but also the future of Apple Inc. Lo opines that, “Apple will go forward only if it abandons its walled garden approach”. This according to Lo is not possible until Steve Jobs is alive. Lo also opines that the future of Apple lies in allowing others to share their platform and this is what would allow them to dominate in the coming times.

We already know that Steve Jobs has taken a sick leave a few weeks ago to nurse his medical issues.

Microsoft To Sell Office for Mac on Mac App Store

The App store which was only available to iPhone, ipod and iPad users for a long time was opened for Mac users on the 6th of January, 2011. The Mac App store is already a huge hit and among the users of Mac which include Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The App store is a free to use store for all registered users where the user can find products for his/her Apple products. These products can be Apple’s own or various third party ones.

Now, it is rumored that even Microsoft is also targeting the MAc App Store to sell Office for Mac. This move by Microsoft comes after many third party developers have expressed their happiness about selling more products in three weeks than they did in entire 2010. Also, most Mac users are known to be buying products hosted on the App Store only. Many developers are still waiting for Apple’s approval to host their products on the store.

Better hurry MS.

Jailbreak Tweak to Enhance the Functions of iPhone’s Voice Control Commands

A new jailbreak tweak called the voiceactivator is going to be made available sometime this week that will enhance the present functions of the voice control feature in the iPhones. The current functions of voice control allow a user to make calls, play the song from a particular album or by a particular artist and also enable the genius feature. This is in fact a very useful function while driving.

The new voiceactivator tweak which is being developed by developer chpwn would also allow one to open Apps, URLs and also enable Activator functions. The following is the tweet by chpwn-

Custom Voice Control commands! VoiceActivator is a new tweak by chpwn (http://chpwn.com/) to let you take full control of the Voice Control feature of your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch apps, open URLs, use Activator actions: it’s all here, in on

chpwn is also the developer of the jailbreak apps Infinidock, Infiniboard, Infinifolder and Proswitcher.

iPad and iPhone Springboards To Stream Live and Transparent Wallpapers

The springboards of both the iPhone and iPad can now become transparent, thanks to jailbreaking technology. The springboard is in fact the home screen of any iOS . Now, Limenos has developed a new tweak that can enable the camera on the springboard. The live images screened by the camera would actually act as a live wallpaper, thus making the springboard transparent. The Activator gestures of the camera, viz. Camera on, Take Picture, Resume, Rear Camera, Torch Off and Exit would also pop up on the screen making it possible for the user to set a wallpaper without opening the Photos App.

In the past, the skins and themes of a springboard on jailbroken devices could be changed. This was possible through winterboard which could be installed through Cydia.

This new tweak can be obtained through Cydia soon. In the meantime, you might want to check the demo videos on youtube.

Sony NGP To Hit Markets This Year

Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s 3DS is here – Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP). Only a rumor up to now, Sony’s NGP has finally become a reality with its announcement on January 26 in Tokyo. With Nintendo set to launch it’s next generation portable 3DS on March 27, Sony’s announcement would only mean that the gaming war between the two giants has begun.

Although not a a 3D portable like its competitor, NGP is going to possess, “visually striking graphics never seen before on a portable entertainment system“. Unlike its predecessor, this one is going to have two thumbsticks along with a touch sensitive OLED screen. The highlights though, would be the touch controls at the rear, an electronic compass and front and rear cameras. Another interesting addition would be the three dimensional touch that would allow users to interact directly with the games.

Sony has also stated that Google’s Android OS games would also be compatible with NGP.

iPad 2 Components and Features – Faster, Better and Stronger

The much awaited iPad 2nd generation features and specifications have been finally released. Firstly, as rumored, the iPad 2 is definitely a slimmer heir with its display module is going to get thinner by 30-35 percent. iPad 2 is also going to offer a better reading experience in the sunlight to its users, thanks to the anti-reflection. Also, the processor speed and the RAM size have been increased to 1.2 GHz and 512 MB. The use of the dual core processor is sure to boost up the power consumption as well as the computing power. The use of Imagination’s SGX543 has paved way for a power GPU which is going to be 300-400 percent powerful when compared to the one in iPod 4. Apple is also planning to launch different GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi versions of the iPad 2. There are going to be 2 cameras, front and rear and a rumored SD card slot.

The only non-modified component though, would be the retinal display, which is going to be same as in the first generation iPad. The first quarter of 2011 is going to see the production of 4.5-5 million units.

Adam Touch Screen Shipment Delayed

Notion Ink has released a press note yesterday regretting the delay of the Adam touch screen tablets. According to the release, almost 5.31 percent of the customers have expressed their anguish about the delay in shipment. Notion Ink has conveyed that a part of the shipment of the touch screen tablets which were to be shipped has met with an accidental damage. Although the damage was only to a part shipment, Notion Ink has decided to cancel the entire shipment. This is because, a manual inspection of the tablets would in no way explain the damage occurred.

The mishap which agitated many customers just before the Chinese New Year is being looked into and employees at Sintek have also agreed to skip their New Year week to make sure that the Adams reach the customers within the next two weeks.

Looks like the customer reactions to the delay in shipment were quite evident.