Augen The Book eReader Price, Features And Video Review

The Book‘ sounds like the name of some movie, right? No, this is actually the newly launched eReader with LCD display and some impressive tech specs. Here is what we know about the device for now – The Book has an LCD screen that is exactly not common-sight among ebook readers. Also, it comes in a Kindle-like casing and runs on a 400MHz ARM CPU. The device is based on the Linux 2.6.4 platform and includes other standard features like support for Wi-Fi b/g, 2GB Flash memory and SD slot content with cards up to 8GB in size.

Other features include a web browser, text-to-speech converter and a media player to run audio, video and image files. Formats supported on Augen’s The Book include TXT, PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, FB2, EPUB, PRC and MOBI files.

The greatest thing about The Book is the affordability. It only costs $89 at your local KMart. Still making up your mind about the device? Take a look at the video review of the Augen The Book LCD eReader below.

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  1. I’m desperate here and am hoping someone can help me with some questions about the eReader mentioned above. This would be “The Book” eReader from KMart. I own this device and am having a hell of a time reaching any kind of customer service. I’ve left 2 messages, was on hold for life at other times, sent 2 emails and still, have no support for this item. Since the instructions leave a lot to be desired, I’m trying now to figure this out myself. Wondering if anyone out there can help me with how to delete files on this thing. I don’t want to keep some of the radio interviews I downloaded onto this forever because I’ve listened to them already. I have no clue how to delete and, obviously, the instructions do not say how to. HELP!!! Please.

    Lisa H.

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