Free One Month Zune Subscription With Windows Phone 7 Purchase On AT&T

The Windows Phone 7 comes integrated with Zune which is a premium service that is available at a price of $14.99 a month. Now a free subscription to this paid service appears to be the perfect bait for companies to lure customers into buying handsets running Windows Phone 7. After Microsoft announced a 3 month free Zune pass subscription to users who shall pre-order a Windows Phone 7 handset, AT&T has now announced an additional one month of free Zune subscription. While the Microsoft offer is only valid on customers who pre-order a phone unit, the AT&T offer shall be valid on all Windows Phone 7 handsets purchased before the end of this year.

It looks like a perfect bait at least from the perspective of Microsoft. A good number of users who get access to this free service are likely to turn into long term Zune customers and a comprehensive free trial of Zune is a perfect way to lure these customers. What do you think?