AT&T To Enter Wireless Dog-Collar Business?

The American mobile market is pretty much saturated with almost everyone owning a cellphone. While other major carriers are thinking of ways to expand overseas to grow their business, AT&T sees things differently. The company wants to target the small gizmo market for things like wireless dog collars and pallet tracking for shipping companies.

Citing AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega’s talk at the CTIA annual wireless trade show, Reuters writes,

“A wireless dog collar set to hit the market this year is just one of a plethora of new devices the telephone company hopes will catch on with U.S. consumers.

The collar could send text messages or emails to the owner of a pet when it strays outside a certain area, or the device could allow continuous tracking of the pet.

Other gadgets include a pill box that uses a wireless connection to remind people to take their medicine, e-readers, a device that tracks product pallets for shipping companies, and entertainment systems for people riding in cars.”

There is a tremendous scope for alternate business as these and I guess AT&T is taking the right step here. What are your thoughts?

[via Reuters]

One reply on “AT&T To Enter Wireless Dog-Collar Business?”

I think AT&T is on the right track. With new technology and dropping prices wireless will be integrated in more and more solutions aimed at home users. I bet this is just the start and the future holds many solutions like this.

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