AT&T Sharp FX Price, Features And Launch Date Revealed

Sharp is launching its new FX mobile phone on the AT&T network. Features-wise there is nothing extraordinary to speak about. But, it is surely a device that heavy-texters among you would love. The device comes with a slider physical QWERTY keyboard, 3.5G network, HTML browser, a 2-Megapixel camera and connectivity through GPS. Another feature that Sharp FX tries to sell you is Mobile TV – but wonder how big is that going to be considering that the feature has failed to gain traction through all these years.
Sharp FX on AT&T
Nevertheless, this is a T-Mobile Sidekick-like device and is launching on AT&T on July 25. The AT&T Sharp FX shall be priced at $99 along with a two year contract with data and voice worth $60. It’s not too different from what you may be paying for iPhone 3GS. But the features are something you have to make sure that you like them.

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