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New AT&T PAYG Data Plans For Notebooks Announced

Until now, notebook users who wanted a 3G connection from AT&T had to sign up for one of those long term contracts. Considering that many of these users also travel frequently, a PAYG plan makes much more sense. AT&T has finally opened up their Pay-as-you-go data services to these users.

Unlike contracts, these plans can be purchased pre-paid and the user gets to access a predetermined amount of data for a specified duration of time. There are three different plans to start with – a daily pass that costs $15, a weekly pass for $30 and a monthly plan for $50. These plans come with a data cap of 100MB, 300MB and 1GB respectively.

These plans are definitely not for the heavy user considering the frugal data bandwidth on offer. Nevertheless, if you are one who simply would not want a contract, this is a better alternative.

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