AT&T Dell Streak Launch Date Revealed

AT&T, it seems, is gearing up to enhance its Android portfolio ahead of the speculated end of iPhone exclusivity. According to reports on the IntoMobile blog, Ma Bell may be launching two Android handsets in quick succession this month.

As you know, AT&T Samsung Captivate is all set to hit the stores on July 18th. If the rumors are anything to go by, the other high profile Android device this season, the Dell Streak may launch just a day later on AT&T stores.

Picking one of these two devices is going to be tough. Of course, if you are the kind who is enamored by larger screens, then Dell Streak is definitely the one for you. Michael Dell has even referred to his new product as a mini-Tablet of sorts. But expect both devices to be hot on the stands when they arrive next week.

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I seriously doubt that it will be released July 19th. I contacted AT&T store and also their customer service, they both had no idea when Dell Streak is coming out to AT&T. I also contacted Dell online chat, the rep told me that he has no idea when Dell streak is coming out. he said probably by end of the month. He also told me the reason for all the delay was because they are trying to update to Android 2.2. I already contacted Dell Online Chat several times in the last month. Each one of the rep told me different release dates and one even told me to check back with their Online chat often or check their websites for more info. I just don’t know who to believe now.

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