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AT&T To Carry Blackberry Pearl 9100 In USA?

Here is some interesting news for American customers waiting for Research In Motion’s Blackberry Pearl 9100 to launch in their markets. According to reports, the phone could soon be launching on AT&T. The speculation arises from a recent update from a popular parts supplier who has listed it under the AT&T bottom cover.

This may not be the most conclusive piece of rumor you have ever heard. But then it’s not something you can discard away too, and hence keep hoping for an announcement in this regard.

Blackberry Pearl 9100 has already launched in several markets around the world and boasts of some nifty features. The device offers a 360×400 pixel screen resolution, a half-QWERTY keyboard, 624MHz processor, 256MB internal memory, 3.2-Megapixel camera and a touch screen optical trackpad.

There is still no word on the launch date or price. So, stay tuned.

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