AT&T Messaging Plan Pricing & Activation Fee Changes Revealed

In just a couple of weeks from now, the much anticipated Verizon iPhone will finally become available to customers. Perhaps in a bid to make their own offering more competitive, AT&T is learned to be sprucing up their messaging plans that will make it attractive to subscribers.

According to data leaked from the Best Buy inventory system, AT&T could be offering two messaging plans starting January 23rd. While the $10 per month plan lets users send up to 1000 text messages, the $20 plan will bring unlimited messaging to AT&T phones. Family plan subscribers can avail unlimited messaging on all their connections for a monthly fee of $30.

For a perspective, you may recall that the earlier messaging plans were priced $5 and $15 for 200 and 1500 text messages a month respectively. Existing subscribers may of course choose to retain their subscription, especially if they are not heavy texters.

The leaked screengrab from Best Buy also indicates changes with the activation fee although we do not have details with respect to this.

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