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Asus eBook Reader Priced $600 Launching October?

Asus is planning to launch a new 8-inches ebook reader in October of this year – Taiwanese publication, DigiTimes has reported. According to the publication’s senior analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the eReader will feature a TFT-LCD panel without backlight from Chimei Innolux and could be priced at $599.

This rumor needs to be taken with a grain of salt on several counts. Firstly, an eReader with an LCD screen could impact the contrast ratio and may not be the ideal ebook reading platform. Secondly, a $600 price point looks atrociously high considering that we already have a few tablet computers with great specs priced well below $600. With Amazon Kindle now available at less than $150 a piece, a $600 looks too high to be true.

Nevertheless, DigiTimes has backed its claims and has published a photo of what they claim is the new Asus eReader.

Asus ebook reader

Will you buy an eReader at $600?

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