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ASUS Eee Pad EP101TC Android Tablet Launch In 2011

Here is a last minute change in plans – Asus’ new Eee Pad EP101TC that was supposed to launch in early 2011 will launch as per planned. But the platform wouldn’t be the same. According to a fresh report, Asus is planning to replace the original Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 with the currently trending Android operating system.

To be fair, this is not exactly a replacement. Asustek CEO Jerry Shen had revealed earlier this year that the new Eee Pad would come in two models carrying Android OS and Windows. The recent revelation simply means Asus – much like HP – could be planning to focus on one platform instead of working on cross-platform devices. You may remember that HP too has announced a move away from Microsoft Windows and Android to focus on WebOS-only Slate PC, tentatively called PalmPad.

Regarding the version of Android that Eee Pad will run, it is believed to be Froyo for now. But don’t be surprised if we end up with Gingerbread. The device is expected to go on sale soon after the new Eee Pad is unveiled at CES 2011.

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