Archos 8 Home Tablet Review Of Specs And Features

The Archos 8 Home tablet is the first slate computer from the company to feature an 8-inches touchscreen display. One of the most noticeable aspects about this device is its thickness. The device is extremely thin and measures just 12mm in depth. The device’s touchscreen display packs a decent 800×600 pixels into its TFT LCD screen for an admirable rendering of multimedia content.

Not too many details about the new device is available even on the Archos product home page. Nevertheless, from what we know, this device will include a 4GB internal flash memory with an additional slot for micro SDHC storage support. The Archos 8 tablet can support HD 720p video playback , audio playback and photo rendition from a variety of different file formats. Other supported features include Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, built-in speakers and battery life of close to 42 hours.  USB ports are provided as well.

Now, one very prominent feature in the device is the extremely large bezel. Check out the video below (in French) for a good idea about the device. I’m actually put off by that design. Nevertheless, it could be a bargain if it comes at an attractive price.

How much will you pay for this?

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