An Apple SIM-Card May Be Coming Soon

According to folks at GigaOm, Apple is working with SIM card manufacturer, Gemalto to design a special SIM-card that could work with any carrier. According to the report, the custom SIM-card is being designed in a means to weaken the carriers’ hold on the device manufacturer and will instead bolster user preferences since the customers may now choose to go with their favorite carrier without having to submit to the carrier that Apple has partnered with.

It is noted that with this new mechanism, users may buy an iPhone over the web or at one of Apple’s stores. Once done, they may either activate their carrier over at the Apple Store, ¬†from the website or even through a download from the App Store. This is in contrast to the present model where customers will have to catch up with the carrier network to activate their connection.

There is not much more information about this as of now. But it is an interesting idea that we will keep a tab on.