Apple TV Shipping Date May Be Delayed

On a day when many customers who had placed a pre-order for Apple TV noted that their credit cards have been charged indicating an imminent shipping of the Apple TV, there are also reports that the shipping may be delayed – at least those who had requested for a priority delivery may not be getting it.

Apple is learned to be sending out the following message to some Apple customers who had requested for upgraded shipping,

“Our records indicate that when you placed your order you paid for upgraded shipping. Due to a delay, we may have not been able to meet our delivery commitment”

The new Apple TV was unveiled on September 1 and Steve Jobs had indicated a four week period before the shipping commences. As such, we are already in the fourth week and so the fact that credit cards are being charged is no surprise. However, with customers indicating that their priority delivery requests are getting canceled, we wonder if there is a larger logistic issue at hand.