Apple TV Download Problem Fixed With New Update

If you have been using an Apple TV, you may have been experiencing a peculiar problem that causes movies or TV shows to be re-downloaded. Apple has just issued a new update to the Apple TV set top software that might fix this issue. The new version 4.1.1 of the Apple TV software is now available for download and can be updated by navigating to Settings -> General -> Update Software -> Download and Install.

Apart from the re-download issue, one another major bug that this latest software update seeks to correct is a resolution problem that caused high definition videos to be rendered at regular 480p resolution.

The update seems to have solved several other issues like flickering screens and long download times. However that doesn’t seem to be consistent and some users complain that they continue to see some of these issues.┬áIf you are a Apple TV (2nd generation) user, please update to the latest software update and let us know if it solves some of these pertinent issues.

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