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Apple TV Browser & USB Hard Drive Support Software – aTV Flash (Black) Launches In Beta

FireCore have announced that their new beta release of aTV Flash (black) for the new Apple TV is now available for purchase. The application is presently in public beta and a final version of the software will be made available pretty soon. So what do you get with this package? Well, according to a recently updated blog post, aTV Flash (Black) will come with an internet browser that will support HTML5 video streaming (though not from all the websites), access to Last.Fm radio, a Plex content to stream media from Plex server with playback support for additional media formats coming soon.

We had written about this release sometime last month and interestingly, FireCore have reduced the price of the software since then. aTV Flash (black) will now be available at a price of $19.95 during the beta phase post which it will retail at $29.95. The company is also reducing the price of the original aTV Flash from $49.95 to $39.95.

But before you proceed, do note that the current version is only compatible with iOS 4.0 and Mac computers. If you have already upgraded to a more recent firmware or on Windows, you may have to wait for some more time.

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