Apple Restocking Fee For iPhone, iPad Waived

Apple typically charges a 10% fee on products returned by customers back to the Apple Store. Starting January 11, this restocking fee may be waived. According to a report, customers now returning an old device while upgrading to a new product or because they are unsatisfied no longer have to forego this amount while returning the product. Of course, the 14 day return period still holds – just that you do not have to pay the restocking fee.

The possible announcement date of January 11 looks interesting. You may recall that Verizon is expected to announce their CDMA iPhone on this day. Considering that there are a lot of customers who prefer Verizon over AT&T, this policy announcement on January 11 is likely to help those recent Apple product buyers who may want to rethink their purchase after Verizon’ s announcement.

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I just found this posting and can attest that the fee can be waived. I just returned a 64gb iPad and was not charged a restocking fee. Thank you! 😉

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