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Apple Patents Kickstand and Stylus

The reports from Patently Apple, an Apple Inc. oriented blog reveal that Apple has patented two unique objects for the iPad and their touch devices. According to the reports, Apple’s R&D department at Cupertino, California has come up with these new ideas and Apple has readily patented them.

There are lots of third party developed stands that are being sold for the iPad. But it seems, Apple have now come up with their own innovative built in stand for their tablet. This stand that can be attached to the tablet’s back can supposedly hold the tablet in two positions – one to make it stand and the other to lay it down while being able to use it as a keyboard. The next patent is for a stylus or a pen for the touch devices. Until now, these devices have only been finger specific. But now, the new pen will give a more precise touch experience.

We are to see though, if these patented devices will ever come out. Fingers crossed.

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