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Apple Mini-iPad Launching 2011

Is the iPad too expensive a gadget for you? Is your iPad too big to fit a pocket? Chances are that Apple may be working to solve both these issues. According to a research by DigiTimes senior analyst Mingchi Kuo, Apple may be working on a mini-iPad that could release as early as the first quarter of 2011. DigiTimes reports,

“Kuo, citing talks with upstream component sources, said Apple’s smaller-size iPad will be priced below US$400 and will target the highly-portable mobile device market and consumers that focus mainly on reading and do not have a high demand for text input.”

Ok, I am not going into yet another debate on whether or not we need a smaller iPad because I find absolutely no need for its larger cousin and I find a smaller one even more useless. But as we have just seen, business for Apple will just happen fine.

[via DigiTimes]

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