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Apple To Halt iPhone 2G Support After iPhone OS 4.0 Launch

The iPhone first launched in the US market in June 2007. Since then, two models of iPhone have been introduced with a third model expected to become available in the middle of this year. Thanks to the outdated technology of the older iPhone, Apple is all set to halt its support for the oldest version of iPhone soon.

While this is not yet confirmed, an email conversation purporting to have transpired between a German iPhone user and Steve Jobs seems to indicate this. Here is a screenshot of the email conversation.

iPhone 2G support

I do not exactly mind this news. However, considering that the iPhone did not launch simultaneously worldwide and with several users in the non-American geography having purchased the device later than June 2008 (when iPhone 3GS launched in USA), it does not make sense for Apple to remove support for a device less than 2 years since launch. There are likely to be several users who could be affected by this.

What do you think?

[via MacStories]

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