Apple iAd Commitments For 2010 Worth $60 Million

iAd – The new mobile advertising platform that Apple has announced to bring interactive advertising solutions to mobile applications is set to launch on July 1. The company is learned to be selling the marketing solution to advertisers only for around 8 weeks. Despite this, Apple claims that the company has been able to generate commitments totalling over $60 million for this year.┬áThe premium publishers who have signed up for the iAd solution include AT&T, Best Buy, Chanel, Citi Target and The Walt Disney Studios.

As you know, Apple announced the iAd platform in April this year after acquiring mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless in 2009. The acquisition was rumored to have taken place after Apple failed to negotiate its bid with AdMob which was later acquired by Google.

[via TechCrunch]