Apple Hit With Another Law Suit

A Californian resident is suing Apple for violations of privacy. According to the law suit filed by the litigant, Apple’s been alleged of sharing information about user’s browsing history and other private data of the user like user id, password, current location, contacts and even the name of the owner with advertisers. This information is collected by Apple when users of iPod, iPhone and iPad access the App store. Apple’s privacy policy clearly states that the information collected from the user would only be used for the betterment of service and advertisement, but the information is in no way going to be shared with third party advertisers. But, the law suit states that Apple is actually violating rules through the way it is sharing user’s information with advertisers. An official comment about the same is yet to be received from Apple.

Not a week ago, another Californian also has filed a suit against Apple for selling flawed products. While Apple need not be too worried about these suits, these incidents are sure bringing a smile on the faces of its competitors.