Apple Search Deal With Google Worth $100 Million

There were recent rumors about Apple replacing the Google search box on iPhone’s native Safari web browser with Microsoft’s Bing. It was being speculated that the deal with Bing was a short-term one – only until Apple develops its own search engine.

Business Insider has now quoted its sources as revealing that there is no truth in these rumors. It is being said that Apple has no intentions to venture into a business that is so heavily dominated by Google. As a matter of fact, the Apple Google search deal is said to be close to $100 – far too much money that Apple might not want to give away for its own search engine.

While it does make sense, it still does not appear to be the complete story. For one, Apple’s acquisitio of Quattro Wireless may not be strategically fulfilling if it were to be restricted to just ads alongside apps. With the launch of iPad, there is a serious potential for internet browsing to move away from open platforms towards closed platforms like the iPad. Under such a scenario, Apple could be losing out on a lucrative market if it did not venture into search.

So as things stand, we would like to treat the source’s denial with a bit of skepticism at the moment.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]