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Apple Suppliers Hit By Component Shortage? Once Again?

There were a lot of speculations prior to the announcement of iPad’s launch date that the device could see some delay owing to shortage of component supplies for OEMs. While that rumor was soon scoffed at thanks to Apple’s announcement of an April 3 launch date, it now appears that the rumors were not totally unfounded.

Folks at 9to5Mac note that the launch date of several iPad accessories have been silently deferred possibly due to the reported shortage in component among the OEMs. 9to5Mac writes,

“Over the past few days, Apple has altered some of the shipping times on their branded iPad accessories. First we noticed the iPad case making a slight shift from April 3rd to Mid-April. Today we notice Apple has delayed the iPad Keyboard Dock. The product was originally set to ship to customers in late-April but now the Apple store has placed the shipping time for sometime in May.”

So if you were eagerly looking to replace your desktop with an iPad, well you have to wait longer than you could have anticipated.

[via 9to5Mac]

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I can’t hold back until the apple ipad is out in the uk, i’ve seen a few reviews online through Us all customers and it appears amazing. I’ve seen a few amazing components ^ just about to happen as well! ipad PWNS!

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