Next Generation CDMA iPad In The Works?

The next generation iPad, which by some counts could be launching as early as February of next year, could come in a CDMA variant as well. This is according to a recent article on the Taiwanese publication, DigiTimes. The website cites sources to claim that the next generation iPad could come in three variants – a Wi-Fi only model, a 3G UMTS version and one on CDMA. Each of these models are expected to come with different storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB taking the overall number of new SKUs to nine.

While the credibility of the source is still in question, we must point out that this rumor is not too improbable either. Apple signed a partnership with Verizon earlier this year that brought the Wi-Fi only iPad to the Verizon stores. A CDMA variant of the iPad that will run on Verizon is only a logical extension.

In any case, we will look forward to these new models that can only increase the choices for the consumer.

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