Apple Approved Credit Card Swiper For iPhone Launches

App Ninjas, the app developer who is responsible for the development and distribution of the iPhone app named Swipe has now launched a new Apple-approved hardware case that can be used by merchants for carrying out credit card transactions on the move. Called Swiper, this hardware case comes with a slot that contains the magnetic card reader and is a casing that the iPhone can slip into. The hardware casing interacts with the Swipe application on the iPhone to carry out a transaction.

According to the developers, the casing is a better solution than the stand-alone Swipe application since swiping credit cards over the Swiper carries a lower fee to the merchant than using the Swipe application to punch in the numbers directly.

Credit card swiper for iPhone

However, the Swiper does not come cheap. The casing is available for purchase from the App Ninjas website at a price of $79.