iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Problem Fixed With Cydia App

The launch of iPhone 4 in June was greeted with a number of complaints regarding the device’s antenna, proximity sensor and glass back. While Apple took care of the antenna reception issue, little effort was made to solve the users’ issues with the super-sensitive proximity sensor that made it difficult for users to complete calls.

Now while the issue itself has died down, the problems haven’t. If you are someone who is still affected by the iPhone’s proximity sensor, a new tweak available on the Cydia app store will help you solve the issue. CallLock is an app available for download at $0.99 that will allow users to manually or automatically lock the iPhone screen during a call so that the user may not inadvertently hit the mute or hangup options. In case you are wondering about this being in conflict with the iPhone’s default actions, the developer notes that CallLock will override the default events when it is activated.

Check out the video of the tweak in action.