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Angry Birds App For iPhone & iPad Downloaded 10 Million Times

If you own an Apple or Android phone, chances are that you have definitely heard of this game called Angry Birds. Though I personally find nothing addictive about this, apparently so many people actually are, and the application – since its release in December 2009 – has now been downloaded 10 million times from the App Store. That number is inclusive of the original Angry Birds series, then a Lite version that was added in February 2010, the HD version for iPad and also the recently launched versions for Halloween. The Halloween variants for iPhone and iPad alone sold one million copies inside six days which puts the momentum of popularity gained by the developer in recent times into perspective.

Sometimes success can be a vicious cycle and one of the major reasons to Angry Birds success can be it being featured all along on the App Store. The app now has been rated by over 300,000 users and still manages a mind boggling 5-star.

What’s it about the Angry Birds game that you think makes it so addictive?

One reply on “Angry Birds App For iPhone & iPad Downloaded 10 Million Times”

Angry bird is so interesting!
I think i will be infatuated with it after it can runs on my iPad, I regard iPad as game player and movie player. I used my iPad playing games and watching movies(always I used the Aneesoft DVD to iPad to converter DVD movie for my iPad). It is indeed great. if possible, don’t miss a ipad! ipad is so fantastic!

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