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What's After Gingerbread?

The launch of new Android OS versions have always been a sweet affair with the versions named after desserts. Eclair, Frozen Yogurt and Gingerbread are as much in the lexicon of a geek today as it used to be for a gourmet. With Android 3.0 – aka Gingerbread – launching later this year, there are already speculations over what the next version of Android OS could be called.

Now, in a fresh report, TechRadar has suggested that it could be Honeycomb after Gingerbread. According to sources the website spoke to, the new Android version could be an incremental update – more like Android 3.1 or Android 3.2 instead of a giant leap to Android 4.0.

Now, it’s impossible to speculate over the features that Honeycomb could come with since Gingerbread is not even out. But from what we learn, Honeycomb could be launched on tablet computers from Toshiba and Samsung early next year though that’s purely speculation.

Nevertheless, is it a disappointment that Google has moved away from naming Android versions based on desserts?

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