B&N Nook eReader App For Android Released

The eReader war is turning out to be played more and more on the  software front and not on the hardware side as it was earlier thought. In a bid to thwart competition from the likes of Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble has announced the launch of a Nook eReader app on the Android platform. As you already know, the company already has its eReader app available to iPhone and iPad users.

The new app will allow users to browse through the over one million titles available for purchase on the B&N eBookstore and books purchased from the online store shall be accessible from any device that is compatible with Nook. That’s either the Nook eReader or the several Nook apps available.

Companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have realized that the money to be made is in the purchase of ebooks and not on the hardware. Consequently, do not be surprised if these companies begin offering the hardware at next to nothing moving forward.