Android Marketplace Operator Billing To Become Standard Soon

Android marketplace has always required users to pay for apps using their credit cards. That is, unless you have a subscription with T-Mobile USA that allows apps to be billed via the operator. Now, it is learned that the functionality may be extended to other carriers as well. In a blog post on the Android developers blog, Tim Bray – the Developer Advocate at Android – has revealed that a recent change in the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement has now made it possible for other carriers to make use of this functionality as well.

This is an important move going forward considering that paying for apps via credit card may not be a feasible solution in all countries. Many people in the emerging economies find greater good in paying for items via cash and invoicing app payments via the operator bill may yield greater returns to the developer.

Existing developers have been given 30 days to agree to the changed distribution agreement.

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