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Android Market Web Store – Should Apple Begin To Fear?

The Android Market Web store which is an updated version of the previous Android application store was launched a couple of days earlier. The main idea behind this update is Goolge’s attempt to overthrow the App store possessed by Apple. The new Android 3.0 or the Honeycomb as it has been codenamed has more reasons to smile now that millions of users are eager to lay their hands on Android tablets as well.

One of the benefits that Honeycomb is going to offer is the ability to sync all the applications that you possess on your Android handset on to the tablet. Also, this process is simple and does not consume much time. The second benefit is the web store that Google has started. Using this, one can download applications not just to one device of theirs but to as many devices they want to.

So, what would Apple have to come up with next other than their 1OS 4.3 beta update?

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