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Android 2.2 vs. Android 2.1 – What's New?

As you know, the Android OS 2.2 aka Froyo was officially unveiled yesterday at the Google I/O. So what’s new, and is it better than the perennial smartphone benchmark – the iPhone? Here are things to help you decide

What’s New

  • Modified navigation bar with shortcuts to mobile and web
  • Customized Google search to query inside contacts, apps and wbe
  • USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality now available
  • Youtube videos in HQ resolution
  • Revamped car dock with shortcuts to music and lighting adjustments

There are several more. But here is a video that compares the speed of an app on Android 2.2 (far left in the video), Android 2.1 and the iPad (far right). You decide the performance speed on these devices. Do note that all the three devices run on a 1GHz processor

[via Engadget]

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