Android Users' Text Messages Delivered To Wrong Recipients

This is an issue that has been affecting a lot of Android users over a long period of time and we are yet to see any great fix from Google. Many Android phone users have complained that the system fails to recognize the correct recipient when the user is engaged in text message conversation with more than one contact at any time.

“You will think that you are typing a response to contact A and then suddenly the contact name at the top switches to contact B. Sometimes you can see it happen, sometimes not. It seems to be affected by a situation where you’re typing to contact A and receive a message from contact B. Even if you don’t switch, the software things you do.”

This is not a recent phenomena and the bug was discovered back in March this year though it was only around June that the issue seemed to hit mainstream. Soon after, Google issued an update that claimed to fix the issue. However, as we see, users continue to be affected by this wrong-recipient-bug.

Do you see it happening on your phone? What version Android do you run? Write in the comments.

One reply on “Android Users' Text Messages Delivered To Wrong Recipients”

I can confirm this is still happening. Received my Samsung Galaxy s 2 days ago and this happened today… not bad considering ive only sent 50 or so texts! Replied to thread A & B, both replys actually went to friend B although they stayed in their respective threads! Cue confused reply from friend B… this has the REAL potential to totally cock up someones life/job etc. Actually considering sending the galaxy back and replacing with the iSheep as its a risk i cannot take!

Possible reason for my error was… i replied to thread A and B whilst in a tunnel. So when the phone got signal i assume it trying to send 2 texts at the same time MAY have caused the problem.


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