Receive SMS Notification On Desktop With Android Notifier

Android users looking to receive notifications regarding incoming SMS, MMS and phone calls on their desktop now have a solution. The new Android notifier is an application that will achieve this via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Users  looking to set up the desktop notification system will need to download the Android notifier app from the Android marketplace besides downloading the desktop application to their computer. Once this is set up, users can pair up their Android phone with their computer (running on Mac, Windows or Linux) to start receiving notifications on the desktop.

Here are a list of functionalities in the app

  • Windows XP or better support
  • Linux support
  • Mac OSX support
  • 32 and 64 bit support
  • Receive notifications via Wifi
  • Receive notifications via Bluetooth
  • Show notifications using system default balloons
  • Show notifications using Growl for Mac or Growl for Windows or any other program compatible with the GNTP protocol
  • Show notifications using libnotify (Linux only)
  • Device pairing
  • Windows installer
  • Linux deb and rpm packages with dependencies for java, bluetooth and libnotify
  • Mac OSX dmg images
  • Windows “run at login” support
  • Copy notification descriptions to clipboard
  • Execute custom commands when notifications arrive

You may download the appropriate desktop application as well as the Android app by clicking here.

Android Notifier App

[via BlogsDNA]