BuzzVoice Android App To Convert Text-To-Speech For Websites Released

BuzzVoice is a pretty cool application that you may have already heard of, if you have used the iPhone in the past. The app calls itself the “Pandora for news” allowing users to playlist their favorite websites so that the app shall ‘read out’ the top stories from these news sources. The Next Web reports that this interesting app has now been released for the Android platform.

The app comes with some nice features – Firstly, you can enable audio streaming in the background so that you may run other Android apps while listening to news stories from BuzzVoice. Additionally, the app also offers an Android widget if you are looking for a remote-control feature to quickly launch the app. Also, if you are an Android fanboy, the app also comes with an Android radio that will break out the latest Android news stories to you.

The app unfortunately is not free. It costs $4.99 at the Android marketplace. Of course, you may choose to uninstall the app if you are not happy.

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