New TV And Movie Streaming & Download App For Android For 3G & Wi-Fi

Movie and television streaming apps are aplenty. But many of them do not work over 3G or may only allow live streaming without the ability to download content to your local storage for later viewing. BitBop – a new Android app that is presently in beta allows you to do all of this and more. The application is being developed by the Fox Mobile team and is not yet available for public download though that should become available soon.

So what the app basically does is let you to stream TV shows or movies on to your mobile connection over 3G or Wi-Fi so that you could entertain yourself from anywhere and anytime. Of course, if you are not on an unlimited data connection, this may not be ideal for you. And now if you are looking to backup some content for viewing while you have access to neither Wi-Fi nor 3G – on a flight perhaps – then you can also choose to download content on your memory card for later viewing. The app automatically adjusts the video quality depending on the cellular signal and so you do not have to worry about load times. Also, if you are at anytime forced to disconnect abruptly, you can always relaunch the app and start off from where you left.

There is no word about the pricing as yet. We will get you information on the same when the app launches.