Are Your Android App Downloads Stuck On “Starting Download” Screen?

Over the past week or so, several Android handset users have been noticing issues with the app download process. Users have noticed that tapping the download link shows a “Starting Download” screen which for some reason just doesn’t move further. While it is not clear, some believe the bug appears soon after users attempt a factory reset. But it’s likely that users who have not attempted a factory reset too have been suffering from this issue.

If you are one of those users suffering from this, some good news here. Google has acknowledged this problem and say they have fixed this issue. That means you should not be seeing any problem.

Solution 1

However, in any case, you are still noticing this issue, you can try out the following steps. Do note this one’s for HTC phone users and is tested to work on HTC Desire

  • Navigate to Googlemail and tap on Settings
  • Change your account settings to include
  • Download the GTalk app by clicking this APK file
  • Perform a factory reset
  • Switch it back on and tap SKIP the screens asking you to add accounts,etc.
  • Plug to a computer and load HTC Sync
  • Load GTalk via HTC Sync
  • You will be prompted to sign into Gtalk. Use the same @gmail login credentials used in the Settings
  • Reboot your handset
  • Navigate to the market and try downloading apps.  It should ideally work.

Solution 2

Now, there is no guarantee this one will work. But there’s no harm in trying it out, right?

  • On your phone, navigate to Menu -> Settings  -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks (not Mobile Network) -> Network Mode
  • Pick WCDMA Only

Now finish and launch your Market app. Do check if the app downloads happen.

5 thoughts on “Are Your Android App Downloads Stuck On “Starting Download” Screen?”

  1. Hi, thanks for this post it this issue is driving me insane! I can not add teh @gmail account. I cant find the link using the HTC desire when i navigate to it on the page. then when i do it on the laptop it says i can only have one google account on there. any ideas? thanks

  2. Number 2 fixed it for me. Even after switching back from ‘WCDMA only’ to ‘GSM and WSDMA auto’ no new problems arose!

  3. Hi, I hv the same prob, but this didn’t work 4 me, got a xperia x10 mini pro, any other way 2 fix it, mayb without factory reset “/

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