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Android 2.4 To be Released in April?

There were rumors going around the Android 2.4 version would be including features of Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb. Now, there are fresh rumors doing rounds that the Android 2.4 which was rumored to be codenamed Ice cream Sandwich would be released in the month of April. There is no news if Android 2.4 would be codenamed Ice cream Sandwich as rumored, but it has come to light that 2.4 is going to retain the Gingerbread flavour. Apparently the American company Viewsonic would be the first phone to come with Android 2.4. Viewsonic’s Viewpad 4 will be the first device to be launched with the 2.4 version of the Google phone OS.

If this was to happen, Viewpad 4 will be the first single core smartphone that will be able to run Honeycomb apps on it. So, what we reported about Android 2.4 experiencing Honeycomb would be coming true.

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