Android 2.3 Gingerbread Version To Release Next Week?

The upcoming version of the Android operating system – codenamed Gingerbread – has for long been thought to be Android 3.0. However, a Google employee had recently revealed that this version of Android could actually be version 2.3 and not 3.0 as originally thought.

Now, we are hearing some more things about this upcoming Android version. Sources are now claiming that the SDK of this upcoming Android 2.3 could in fact be rolling out next week – on November 11. This is just a speculation off an anonymous source and so you will need to take it with guarded skepticism.

Gingerbread will come with a number of new features including a new screen-off animation, video chatting capabilities, support for VoIP calling and several other enhancements and bug fixes (Click here to view a slideshow of all our Gingerbread stories in recent times). If you are an Android phone user, this latest rumor should really make your day.