Android 2.2 For Samsung Galaxy S – Delay Due To Reliability Testing

If you are a Galaxy S owner who is getting tired of waiting for the Android 2.2 upgrade, Samsung has this to say – they are working towards ensuring a reliable and simple upgrade process and that tests in this regard are underway. In a tweet posted on the Samsung USA accounts, the company spokesperson has noted,

“We want Galaxy S owners to have simple/reliable upgrade. We r running tests due to complexity/unique functionality.”

Of course, this tweet does nothing to reassure users that an upgrade is soon on the way. But it at least acknowledges the fact that certain issues are keeping Samsung from rolling out an update soon enough. But that sounds pretty weird considering that rooted Galaxy S owners have had FroYo seamlessly running on their handsets for quite a while now.

We will only hope Samsung can keep up to their promise and deliver the goods shortly.