Android 2.2 For Dell Streak Now Available

If you are one of those Dell Streak users who is desperately waiting for an Android 2.2 update to be available for your smartphone (or tablet, whatever you want to call it), here’s some good news. A full-build version of FroYo is now available for download on Dell Streak. As you guessed it right, this is not the official release, but is a hacked version that is pretty close. Of course, you will need a rooted Dell Streak to install this hacked FroYo, but if you have gotten over the potential risks that rooting your handset can bring and have actually managed to root your Streak, you can go ahead and install Android 2.2 as well.

There are a few bugs in the hacked version though. From what we hear, the 3G connectivity has been properly established; especially when migrating from a Wi-Fi network. Also, the device appears to be rebooting at random for some users. Nevertheless, if you are interested, you should give it a try.

But before you proceed, do note that the baseband of your Streak needs to be updated before doing the OS update. For instructions, click here to check them out.