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Android 2.1 Market Update Brings Froyo Features Like Widget

Several users on Android discussion forums have been noticing a new update to their Android Market app that brings several new features to their Android 2.1 handset. The update primarily introduces features such as widgets that were hitherto a part of FroYo Android 2.2 to the Eclair crowd. Here are some reactions from users who have noticed it,

“There is a new market. Comments are now on a separate tab and you can rate comments too.”

“I have a Droid X and the Market updated to version 2.07 today. I had a theme which made the market graphics black and white and they have been restored to the normal green and multi-colored.”

“got the silent update on fascinate, phone had root and lag fix, everything works… including the widget.”

Apparently, not all Android 2.1 phones seem to have got the new update. Do you see it on your Android? If not, reboot and try again. Let us know in the comments.

2 replies on “Android 2.1 Market Update Brings Froyo Features Like Widget”

I purchased my Samsung Vibrant on July 7th, because I was told then I’ll get the Froyo ubdate in August… Then September… Now, at the end of October.. Reason: Hands Free dialing via bluetooth. This OTA updated is NO 2.2!!! It just mainly fixes my GPS and some more miner changes. I WANT MY FROYO!!!

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