Android 2.1 Update For Dell Streak Causes Missing Features

Looks like the latest update released for Dell Streak users did not go well in the UK at least. ElectricPig is reporting that a number of users are apparently facing problems in enabling sync after their phone has updated to the latest update. According to reports, the Android 2.1 update for Dell Streak is causing the phones to wipe out a number of features on the phone leading to a major data-loss but also will make it impossible to sync with PCSuite. For the record, downgrading to Android 1.6 is not possible either.

At the Dell Forums, users are now complaining that the company has, instead of acknowledging the issues, is busy deleting threads from disgruntled users. One user writes,

“The whole thread has been deleted and my recent post there was deleted as well 🙂 Well, I want to make a point: update 2.1 was buggy; some functionality was removed without notifying us about this, so we could not make a choice by ourselves; the issues with update were handled in very bad manner: customer support team was not ready to answer the questions about update, problems were complete surprise for the support team and there is no way to escalate the issues. I keep saying: we all human beings, we make mistakes. The difference is how you handle these situations.”

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