Amazon To Relaunch MP3 Store, Store API & Web Services

Amazon MP3 team is hiring big. Close to a dozen new positions in product management and vendor management are now open for applications. According to sources close to TechCrunch, the eCommerce giant is planning a major relaunch of the Amazon MP3 store. The relaunch is expected to happen during Q1.

As noted in the title, this is not about the MP3 store alone. The company may also relaunch their MP3 store API and web services to the developer community. In fact,the company is already known to have asked several developers and partners to hold back on their MP3 store integration plans until the new release takes shape.

As TechCrunch notes, the Amazon MP3 store became the first online music vendor in the US to sell music without DRM in 2008. While the service has been extremely well received, the user experience has not been comparable to iTunes. The relaunch will not only improve user experience but will also counter competition considering that Google, Apple and Microsoft are in various levels of entering the online music space in a big way.

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