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Amazon Awarded Patent For Original Kindle [Updated]

Amazon has been awarded close to half-a-dozen patents today. Most notably though is a patent awarded for a “Handheld electronic book reader device having dual displays” – the original Kindle

The patent describes the original Kindle where the display has two parts – one large area where the text for human consumption is displayed and another scrollable display on the side.

“A handheld electronic book reader device is equipped with dual displays. The device includes a first display for presenting visible representations of textual or graphic content related to the electronic book. The device also includes a second display positioned alongside the first display. The second display includes a plurality of graphic elements that correspond to portions of the first display. Also, the second display is responsive to user input to one of the graphic elements to perform an action on the content that is shown in the portion of the first display that corresponds to the one element.”

Amazon Kindle patent prototype

The patent application was filed way back in March 2006 and has been awarded to Amazon only today.

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Something isn’t meshing here. The Kindle is a single display device, and the diagram shown appears to be a prototype of that device. However the text from the patent being quoted describes a device similar to the Nook, or MS’s Courier Tablet; not any kindle yet released to the public.

Interesting.. Very surprising news to us all.

I wonder what Amazon intends to do with this newfound power. It seems very much like the Nook falls under the scope of this patent. In fact, while reading the patent text, I was imagining that if someone was trying to describe the Nook to me in the most technical manner possible, this is what it would sound like.

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