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Amazon Kindle App For Windows Phone 7 Releasing

Amazon has announced that a Kindle eReader app for the newly launched Windows Phone 7 platform is coming very soon. The application will come with all of the features that users have to come expect from a Kindle app that includes the WhisperSync technology, access to the Kindle ebook store, integrated shopping experience as well as other features like the ability to find personalized book recommendations plus the facility to send these recommendations to friends right from the app interface.

With WhisperSync, users may buy a book once and be able to sync the purchase with any of the other Kindle supported devices including the Kindle eReader, iOS and Android applications. The Windows Phone 7 application should give users access to over 725,000 books on the US Kindle store.

The Amazon Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 will be the first major ebook application on this new mobile platform and is expected to launch later this year.

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