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Amazon Tablet With Native App Store In The Works

Amazon may be working on launching their own Android-based tablet computer. This could be pretty different from the Kindle in that unlike the eReader, the new tablet will not be bound by Amazon’s native software. However, it is learned that Amazon will have a pretty tight control over the functionalities and features on the device.

According to these rumors, the upcoming tablet shall come installed with a native Android app store. Amazon will be opening up an developer program with a sign-up cost of $99 that will allow developers to build apps for the Amazon tablet. These apps will give developers close to 70% of revenues and could be displayed on a number of Amazon approved devices including the website. Interestingly, the rumors also note that Amazon could hold the rights to decide on the retail price of the apps.

Given that only Apple and Google have succeeded to an extent in attracting a significant number of developers to their program, this Amazon App Store program could well be a non-starter. But it will still be interesting to see how Amazon make use of their popular eCommerce platform to promote their new tablet device.

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